About Us

ZOOMPesa is THE safe, simple, secure, social way for people from Kenya and other countries to make International Money transfers using SMS from any type of mobile phone or device; or Online payments.

The recipient's mobile account is instantly credited with the funds, while the sender's bank account is debited. The BIG ZOOMPesa DIFFERENCE: Other services charge as much as 10% depending on the amount sent. For the recipient, that can mean less money for buying food or seeing a doctor.

ZOOMPesa reduces fees 20-50% (depending on the amount sent). The BIGGER ZOOMPesa DIFFERENCE: Existing services charge for each individual transfer.

ZOOMPesa charges a single low fee (depending on the total amount sent) for transfers to two or even three different people. The BIGGEST ZOOMPesa DIFFERENCE: Experts send money home to improve their families' lives. ZOOMPesa wants to improve lives, too.

ZOOMPesa is the only company that dedicates a percentage of every transfer fee to projects focused on social good, such as schools, clinics, etc., in the recipient's local area. Our customer community will help us identify potential recipients.

ZOOMPesa is registered and regulated by the Financial Transactions and Analysis Center of Canada (FINTRAC). We have established a working relationship with the association that connects to the major banks in Canada, as well as the telecom networks in Africa, to allow for real-time disbursement of funds and settlement.